The World's Cutting Edge
We can suggest you KOBELCOs world leading technology in Korea.

KOBELCO is the world's leading compressor manufacturer,
offering a wide range of solutions to its customers.

All turbo(Centrifugal), screw, and reciprocating compressors are based API standard and
use our expertise and technology to meet customer needs optimized service.

Centrifugal compressors(since 1966)

Since manufacturing the first model in 1966, KOBELCO has delivered a large number of centrifugal compressors for a wide range of applications worldwide. Such as petrochemicals, air separation and environmental applications. Our centrifugal compressors can be planned with the optimum design tailored to the specific application and meeting the user's needs for high- or ultralow-temperature, high pressure or high air flow.

Integral geared
Highly efficient and reliable compressors for various gases can be provided.
Single shaft
Highly reliable compressors with robust designs enabling long-term continuous operation can be provided.

Screw compressors (Since 1955)

Screw compressors are positive-displacement compressors that feature space-saving designs, low maintenance costs, continuous operation and compatibility with a wide range of gases. There are oil-free (dry) types that prevent oil contamination of the process gas, and oil-cooled (wet) and screw refrigerator (ref) types that inject oil. KOBELCO has earned widespread user trust by providing custom-made API 619-compliant packages that conform to foreign or domestic regulations and meet user needs.

Oil-free screw compressor (DRY)
Since starting to manufacture and provide oil-free screw compressors in 1955, KOBELCO has delivered over 2,500 units to users all over the world representing a large number of applications such as oil/gas, oil refineries, chemicals and ironmaking.
Oil-injected screw compressor (WET)
KOBELCO started to manufacture and provide oil-injected screw compressors in 1974. Since then, we have delivered over 1,000 units to users inside and outside Japan for use in a large number of applications. Examples include hydrogen gas, helium gas, coke oven gas and gas turbine fuel gas. A recent example is low-pressure engine fuel gas for LNG carriers.

Reciprocating compressors (Since 1915)

Since manufacturing our first domestically produced high-pressure reciprocating air compressor in 1915, we have delivered more than 2,500 units. The total supplied power output ever has been accumulated to of 1.9 million kW. They are used primarily for the oil refinery, petrochemical, gas and energy sectors.

Our delivery track record includes oil-injection models with a maximum discharge pressure of 100 MPa or more and oil-free models with a maximum discharge pressure of 30 MPa, large reciprocating compressors with power outputs of over 1 MW. We have also delivered a number of models for ultralow-temperature applications requiring suction gas temperatures around -150°C. The first ultralow-temperature nitrogen compressor in the world was delivered in 1983, and an LNG (liquefied natural gas) BOG (boil-off gas) compressor was delivered to a domestic LNG terminal in 1996. Since then, over 60 reciprocating compressors for ultralow-temperature applications have been manufactured and delivered all over the world. Compressors for fuel gas to vessel engine have recently become our primary models. They incorporate advances in our ultra-low temperature and high pressure technologies.